CNC Controller

-Product Overview

OPEN-XS is the flexible, powerful and cost-effective entry level system of the OSAI CNC OPENcontrol family. Based on intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU , OPEN-XS is able to manage up to 2 processes (each one executing an ISO program) and up to 8 simultaneously interpolated axes.

OPEN-XS is modular system that offers both a solution for the control of servo-drives and I/O modules distributed on a digital fieldbus and also for controlling analog axes and integrated I/O.

The main features of OPEN-XS allow to have high finishing quality and an optimized management of machining centers:


Gantry and dual axes management

Look-ahead with 256 pre-calculated blocks

Velocity feed forward(VFF)

Jerk control using advanced algorithms

Managements of tool magazine,tool life, random tool, multi-pocket tool

Multi-axis electronic CAM

Cross Compensation

Two different OPEN-XS models,based on the same control unit,allow the management of digital servo drives controlled by the new Mechatrolink III protocol the EtherCat protocol whether based on CANopen.










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