WPA Line (Wood,Plastics & Aluminum )-Milling -Drilling-Cutting

HSD offers a wide range of solutions for machining wood,plastic,and aluminium.The quick-change air or liquid cooled Electrospindles,manufactured by the thousand for many applications,are characterized by their wide range of powers,torques and rotation speeds that do not detract from their high levels of reliability.


Aggregate for wood, plastics and aluminum

Aggregates for different machining centers.




MCT Milling Electrospindles

MTC (manual tool-change) electrospindles are designed for high power density and compactness,making them ideal for wood,plastic, and aluminium.The body structure is made of extruded aluminium casing with inner cooling air flow passages.Bearings are pre-lubricated,sealed,protected by labyrinths.They don’t need maitenance.



HP Milling Line (Metal,Marble & Glass)

HSD offers a wide range of electroheads and electrospindles for metal & composite Alloys machining.Manufactured by the thousand for a large number of applications, the quick-change liquid cooled electrospindles feature a vast range of powers and working speeds without foregoing high levels of reliability.


8 models 68 different spindles , a range for many applications.

The electroheads represent the most recent example of innovation combined with technology,with numerous choices of single or double-side structures (fork-type).


Aggregates for stones & glass

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