HSD offers a wide range of Electroheads and Motorspindles for Metal & Composite Alloys machining.

Manufactured by the thousand for a large number of applications, the quick-change liquid cooled Motor Spindle feature a vast range of powers and working speeds without foregoing high levels of reliability.


Drive motors cover a very wide range, from the 3kW ES327 which is mainly used for finishing operations, to the ES510 (50kW, 95,5Nm) and ES750 (30kW, 224Nm) used for heavy-duty applications; suitable rated torque ratios guarantee high machining precision and excellent performance.


The Encoder communicates very easily with the Numerical Control to allow precise torque, speed and position control.


-FROM 0 – 13 KW

-FROM 13,5 – 50 KW


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