Manual tool-change electrospindles are designed for high power density and compactness, making them ideal for wood, plastic and aluminium.

They are realized to suit better at all different conditions of using both for milling, drilling and edgebending.


The wide range of powers, from 0,35kW to 13,5kW with rotation speed up to 30.000rpm (model MT1055 Liquid) allow a wide-using versatility that covers all kind of working conditions with axials and radial force. “Quality without Compromises” system is the rule in HSD organisation and guarantees unquestionable service and the highest reliability.


HSD is the leading world company in the production of MTC Milling Electrospindles.



FROM 0 – 2 KW

FROM 5,1 – 8 KW

FROM 8,1 – 15 KW


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